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FT 122 Fibertec - Reliable crude and detergent fibre system

FT 122 Fibertec

The FT 122 FibertecTM Hot Extraction Unit, for hot hydrolysis and extraction with built-in systems for heating and filtration, performs fibre
analysis according to Weende, van Soest and other recognised methods,using externally preheated reagents.

Reliable fibre analysis

Batch handling tools improve operator safety when handling hot crucibles, processing up to 6 samples at a time. Single or sequential extractions
including boiling, rinsing and filtration are performed under reproducible and controlled conditions for reliable fibre analysis.

Easy sample handling

Filter crucibles are used as an integral part of the assembly during extraction, rinsing and filtration to prevent sample transfer. More versatility
and reduced operational cost is achieved with crucibles that are also used as sample vessels during weighing, drying and ashing.

Simple laboratory operations

Integral extraction and filtration is made easy with the optional FT 121 Fibertec Cold Extraction Unit for solvent dehydration, lignin determination
and defatting.

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