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Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100 can be used in applications like pigment, toner, ceramics, food, etc

Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100 (Touchscreen)

Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100 is one of the best solutions to separate and deagglomerate sample particles. It has a special nozzle which helps in ensuring good results. JS 1100 can be used in applications like Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastic, rubber, detergent, minerals, pigment, toner, ceramics, food etc.

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Standard Features of Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100
  • Air Jet Technology for dispersion and Deagglomeration
  • Unique Nozzle Movement design Function for better reproducibility minimize the sieving time and effort of cleaning and increases the Life of the sieves used
  • Built-In Graphical 5” Colour LED Touchscreen Display
  • Digitally controlled Adjustment of all process parameters (Time 001 - 999 min, Vacuum 20 - 99 mbar / 0.3 – 1.45 psi, Speed digital controlled, 5-55 min-1(nozzle))
  • Quick & Efficient Procedure; Measuring range 5 µm to 5 mm
  • Fitted with standard sieves in dia. of 203 mm (8” ø) or 200mm (Fit with adapter)
  • 9 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) memory
  • Quick Start Mode is used to start the sieving process under standard conditions without entering parameters
  • Digital controlled Variable Nozzle speed, 5-55 min-1
  • Options of Automatic Vacuum regulation permanently monitors the air jet and keeps it at a constant rate. This increases the reproducibility of the sieve analysis
  • Option of Cyclone accessory for Sample retrieval; Collection of two fractions possible by use of cyclone
  • Air Jet produced by powerful industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Optional Screening Software to perform data processing and analysis, screening evaluation & Documentation of Results
  • RS232 Interface for Smart Screen Software
  • Balance Interface through PC Smart Screen Software
Typical Specification


Measuring range

5 μm to 5mm

Sieving motion

Dispersion by Air Jet


Built-In 5" Touch Screen

Control Parameters

Digital controlled (Time, Vacuum & Speed)

Max. loading


Feed Material


Max. no. of fractions

1 (2 with cyclone)


Digital Controlled, 5-55 min-1(nozzle) with Unique nozzle movement design

Sieving Time

00:01 – 99:59 (min:sec)

Interval Operation Time

00:01 – 99:59 (min:sec)

Applied to dry sieving


RS232 interface


Analysis sieves dia.

203mm/200mm(with adapter)

Vacuum cleaner

20 – 99 mbar / 0.3 – 1.45 psi

Storable SOPs

9 or QUCIK START mode





Noise Level

≤60 dB


RS232 Communication Inter face

Rated power

220V, 50Hz

Accessories (Optional)

Automatic Vacuum Regulation, Cyclone & Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Software (Optional)

Smart Screen Software, Computer Control, Data Recording and Analysis, Evaluation &

Documentation of Results (Incl. adapter

RS232-USB, cable, Weighing Balance)

Dimensions (W x L x H) mm

370 x 460 x 420


20 Kg