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Prodigy 7- ICP-OES

ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy) is ideal for all applications. All our ICP Spectrometers are available in Radial, Axial or Dual View Configurations, so you can choose the view that’s best for your sample matrix. Teledyne Leeman Labs has taken a radically different approach with the Prodigy7. ICP-OES is used for a wide range of applications in the industries i.e Environmental, Oil Analysis, Pharmaceutical ,Food, Petrochemical ,Mining?,BioFuels. while the Prodigy7 offers all of the advanced capabilities some laboratories require none of them have to be purchased up front if not needed. They can be easily added later if needs change.? The challenge creating any ICP method is choosing the proper wavelengths. Now with the combination of Prodigy7's broad wavelength range and powerful CMOS camera with Full Spectral Access, wavelengths can be selected quickly without any time consuming Procedure"trial and error."

The heart of any spectrometer is its optical system. Prodigy7 ICP-OES offers a temperature controlled aluminum optical enclosure for unmatched stability. To enhance stability further, Prodigy7 treats the plasma source as an optical component mounting it directly to the spectrometer, not the instrument chassis.

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Prodigy7 ICP-OES offers a temperature-controlled aluminum optical enclosure for unmatched stability.
Standard Features of Prodigy 7 ( ICP-OES )
  • Large format, advanced CMOS Array Detector for true simultaneous measurement.
  • Full wavelength coverage from 165 nm - 1100 nm.
  • 500 mm, Low Stray Light Optics (0.007 nm resolution @200 nm).
  • Full Spectral Access (FSA) captures the entire wavelength spectrum in a single reading.
  • Available in Axial, Radial, and Dual-View configurations.
  • Twist-n-Lock, Auto-Aligning Sample Introduction System.
  • Compact benchtop design.
  • Designed for fast system startup and reduced gas consumption.
Applications and Industries
  • Environmental
  • Oil Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • BioFuels
  • ASTM D6722
  • Method 200.7
  • Method 6010D
Typical Specification


Optical Design

High Energy Echelle Polychromator

Focal Length

500 mm


0.1 mm/nm @ 200 nm

Optical Resolution

0.007 nm @ 200 nm

Pixel Resolution

0.0015 nm@ 200 nm


Wavelength Range

165 - 1100 nm Standard

135 - 1100 nm Halogen

Detector Type



28 mm x 28 mm

Number of Pixels

3.38 million (1840 x 1840)

Pixel Size

15 µm

Active Area


Measurement Mode



Teledyne Leeman Labs - ICP (ICP-OES)