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Bomb calorimeter – BCI-2000

The instrument is designed with the latest Oxygen Bomb, Solid Sate Refrigeration System, Automatic Water Measurement and Dosing, Auto-adjustment of Water Temperature. The operators job is limited to putting the sample-filled Oxygen Bomb, charged with Oxygen into the instrument. The instrument is programmed to take over the operation thereafter. After the experiment is over, the experiment over signal is indicated & the results calculated automatically.

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Standard Features of Bomb calorimeter – BCI-2000
  • All the processes in the experiment are automatic after the charged Combustion Bomb is kept inside the instrument. There is no need to manually Measure Water, Adjust water Temperature etc, thereby reducing operator workload and the errors associated with the same.
  • Removable Bucket design is also available as an option.
  • The Combustion Bomb is thick walled, halogen, corrosion and acids resistant.
  • The instrument can be configured with either built in LCD Display / Touch Screen (Optional), Computer or both. This provides the user with the display of their choice of other displays and interfacing ports are also available.
  • Correction for Acid, or Nitrogen, Fuse-wire, Sulphur, Moisture, Spiking, Ash and Hydrogen etc are available in the software.
  • Multiple Operating Modes gives additional choice to user to choose the program and method (Isothermal, High Precision Mode Predictive Mode, Regnault-Pfaundler) best suited to his application
  • A high accuracy automatic water Measuring and Dosing System is used to measure the quantity of water in the Calorimeter Vessel. It has a repeatability of 0.5g ensuring the water dosing is accurate and reliable.
  • A high-efficiency stirrer ensures that the water in the inner calorimeter vessel is maintained uniformly throughout the experiment.
  • The instruments features a Solid State water refrigeration system. The system automatically determines the cooling requirement and adjusts the circulation system accordingly. The required water temperature is thereby maintained for repeated experiments.
  • Specially designed Auto-stop and Auto-drain valves ensure leakage proof Jacketed System.
  • Window based easy to use software which can further be linked to Digital Weighing Scale for auto weight transfer.
Technical specification of Bomb calorimeter – BCI-2000
Working Principle


Fundamental Standard

ASTM, BIS, IP, DIN, ISO,(Complied to ASTM E-144) etc.

Measurement Range

Upto 12000 cal/


0.0001 cal/g

Precision (RSD)

0.05% / 0.1%

Oxygen Filling


Bomb & Bucket Type


Water Measurement
Dosing & Drying


Bomb Lift


Closed Loop Water Circulation


Temperature Resolution

0.0001 deg C

Analysis Time

10 Mins. approx.

Power Input & Supply

1.5 kW, 230 V, 50 H


45 Kg approx

Bomb calorimeter