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High-Frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer is used to measure mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in steel, iron, alloy, casting core sand, nonferrous metals, cement, ore, Coal / Coke, catalyst, magnetic materials, ceramics, inorganic matter, graphite, refractory materials, battery materials and other materials.

And mainly used in new energy, metallurgy, mechanical, mine, inspection, nuclear industry, coal, automobile, shipping, aviation, food, aerospace,

building materials, university, geology, petrochemical.

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  • Infrared detect system
  • High Frequency Burning System
  • Robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory.
  • Automatic cleaning of the burner
  • Power adjustable, which suitable for all kinds of sample combustion analysis
  • Low maintenance
Typical Specification


Measuring Element

Carbon , Sulfur


Samples Coal/ Coke, Fuel Oil, Ore, Metal, Soil Etc. (Organic & Inorganic)

Field of Application

Construction materials/engineering / electronics, geology / mining/ glass / ceramics/steel / metallurgy

Sample Weight

0.2g -0.5g

Measurement Range

Carbon Ω(C) 0.00001%~99.99999%

Sulfur Ω(S)0.00001%~99.99999%


High Frequency Combustion Furnace of Temperature Up to 2000°C

Balance Weighing Range

0.001 – 100g



Analysis Time

Adjustable Within 25-60 S (Normally Around 35s)

Analysis Error

Carbon Meets ISO9556 Standard, Sulfur Meets ISO4935 Standard & Meets the JIG395-97 standard at the same time. And also meets ASTM testing procedures.

Oscillating Frequency

20 MHz

Combustion Power

2.5 KVA - 7.5 KVA (Auto-Adjust)

Working Environment

Room Temperature10°C~30°C. Relative Humidity75%


AC 220 V±5%, Frequency 50Hz±2%