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 Microwave Digestion System has 1000 watt or more capacity heater to heat up the sample up to 150°C

CEM Edge - Automated Microwave Extraction System

The new EDGE™ technology is based on energized, dispersive, guided, extraction and combines traditional pressurized fluid extraction with dSPE. This new automated process provides flexibility and speed never before achieved. The EDGE™ is a complete solution to sample preparation providing fluid addition, rapid extraction, sample filtration, and fluid dispensing all in less than 5 minutes. Also, with the addition of appropriate Q-sorbents™ it can combine analyte extraction and sample cleanup in a rapid single step process.

The EDGE™ is compact (about the size of an analytical balance) and can process 12 samples per hour. This allows high throughput labs to use multiple units to process 50 - 100 samples per hour. Key markets are environmental, food, plastics, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, forensics and clinical.

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Standard Features of CEM Edge - Automated Pressurized Fluid Extraction
  • The system extracts 12 samples in one hour (5 minutes or less) with 12 position auto extractor & complies with USEPA 3545 & other EPA methods.
  • Power control technology delivers maximum energy to the sampLoad, extract, cool the solvent & filter the same in collecting tubes automatically. (No need of Manual filtration).
  • Built in operating system with fluorescent Display and alphanumeric keypad for entry of operating parameters System operates stand alone as well as through PC, suitable software for such control should be offered as option.
  • 1000 watt or more capacity heater to heat up the sample up to 150°C or more.
  • Load 6 different solvents of different dipole, like Hexane, Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol, Ethyl acetate, Xylene or any type.
  • Load 12 different sample at time & the extraction cycle should be carried out automatically as per pre designed programs.
  • Cool vessel from 150°C to room temperature within 3 minutes. By any means like forced air, nitrogen or so.
  • Infrared temperature control.
  • Vessels / Cups Offered Pressurized vessels of following specifications: VOLUME: 80 ml PRESSURE: vessels should withstand pressure of 5 bar or more MOC: Thermal conductor aluminium coating with inert material NO. OF VESSELS: System should be supplied with vessels & 70 nos of glass collecting tubes after filtration.
  • Supplied with 250 nos of Filters if required along with system.
  • Minimum one year warranty on parts and labour.
CEM-Microwave Digestion / Synthesis / Peptide / Extraction