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CEM Microwave Digestion System Simultaneous Mars 6

CEM Microwave Digestion System Simultaneous (Mars 6)

For over 30 years chemists have trusted CEM to provide the highest quality microwave digestion systems for their laboratories. The MARS 6™ is simply the easiest to use, safest and most intelligent system on the market. It is the only system that uses integrated sensor technology to recognize the vessel type as well as the sample number then apply the appropriate amount of power to ensure the highest quality digest.

With options for remote system control and contactless all vessel temperature control, the MARS 6 is ready to handle your most difficult samples. This ensures complete digestions of all kinds of samples such as food, environmental, polymer, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, geological, chemical, and petrochemical samples.

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Standard Features of CEM Microwave Digestion System Simultaneous (Mars 6)
  • Choose from simple CEM One Touch™ Technology* or MARS Classic method programming.
  • PowerMAXTM power control technology delivers maximum energy to the sample for more complete digestions.
  • 1800 Watts - more power delivery than any other microwave digestion system.
  • Large (7") wide-format, high-resolution, acid-resistant touchscreen – no external controllers neededCEM reaction tubes are pressure-rated to 500 psi and use septa that tolerate multiple piercing for reagent addition or sample withdrawal, as well as a "snap-on" design that does not require any tools or adaptors to install of remove.
  • Remarkably easy-to-use, intuitive onboard software.
  • Advanced sensor technology for vessel recognition, temperature and pressure control.
  • Improved connectivity – 6 USB ports & 2 Ethernet ports allow connections to multiple peripherals such as keyboards, printers or computers.
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