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Microwave Fat / Moisture Analyser

The SMART 6™ is the most technologically advanced microwave moisture analyzer in the world for rapid moisture / solids analysis. The system utilizes a combination of microwave and infrared to rapidly analyze moisture and solids in any product. This patented dual-frequency drying energy source provides the most rapid and complete drying available, for the widest range of sample types.

Key markets are environmental, food, plastics, polymer ,consumer products, pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical,clinical.

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Microwave Fat Moisture Analyser
Standard Features of CEM Microwave Fat / Moisture Analyser
  • Up to 40 percentage faster (as compared to SMART 5 Turbo).
  • Analyze both dry and wet products on one system.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy at-line placement.
  • Direct loss on drying measurement.
  • Utilizes AOAC approved methodology: 985.14, 2008.06, PVM 1:2004.
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