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Handheld XRF analyzers are applicable in all fields of industry and scientific research.

Handheld X- Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

ProSpector 2 Handheld X- Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is our time-tested handheld XRF analyzer. It’s the lightest, fastest, most accurate X-ray gun Spectrometer ever made. Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, ProSpector 2 provides ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds. It is an intuitive and user-friendly instrument for highly accurate elemental analysis in a variety of applications. 

Elvatech XRF spectrometers are applicable in all fields of industry and scientific research for fast and accurate elemental analysis, i.e PMI and alloy, Scrap sorting, Precious metals ,Soil and sediment, Gold Analyzer, Mining and Exploration, Coating thickness etc.

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Benefits of Prospector 2 Handheld XRF Analyzer
  • High speed of operation @ above 500 000 CPS count rate.
  • Ambient temperature and pressure corrections for highest stability.
  • Over 10 hours operation from the battery.
  • Detector protection.
  • Extensive and editable alloy grade library.
  • Protective film replacement with no tool required.
  • Full compatibility with ElvaXTM PC software.
  • Radiation safety: IR proximity sensor and low count detection.

1.What is XRF?

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials.

2.How does XRF Work?

The X-rays hit the sample and cause the elements in the sample to fluoresce and travel back to an X-ray detector in the analyzer. The analyzer then counts them and does a lot of complicated math to give result.

3.Why do people use portable, handheld XRF?

On-site analysis enables real-time information and decision-making since labs often have a backlog of samples to test.

4.Is XRF complicated?

No., it’s just “point and shoot” with complete, clear results on the screen.

5.Is XRF dangerous to use because of radiation?

No, handheld XRF is not dangerous when operated as directed. Handheld XRF power is much lower than imaging X-ray equipment, so XRF users’ exposure is the same as or less than you get from naturally occurring sources.

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