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The Labsox Pro Automatic Soxhlet Extractor utilizes the trusted Soxhlet extraction principle with weight measurement for accurate fat content determination. With five versatile extraction methods, it meets diverse customer demands.

Its robust all metal heating module ensures swift heating with low power consumption. Offering precise water temperature and flow control, it prioritizes environmental and cost efficiency. Additionally, it includes a built-in ether leak detection system for enhanced experimental safety, making it invaluable in various industries.

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Key Specification
  • Apply to all organic solvents to satisfy all demands.
  • One-click operation for starting and pausing, ensuring highly efficient use.
  • Vertical screen, enhanced user control
  • Preset common reagent option
  • The overall heating module, possesses features of warming faster, favorable effect and low power consumption.
  • Efficient solvents recovering system for reducing experimentation cost.
  • Accreditations: Formally recognized by AOAC, EPA, DIN, and ISO
Our Unique Offerings
  • Automatic extraction One touch to start extraction, lifting, pre-heating, extraction, dilution, solvent recovery automatically.
  • In-built 5 unique methods of extraction, handy operation.
  • Include Soxhlet Extraction, Soxhlet Hot Extraction, Continue Flow Extraction, Hot Extraction, CH Standard methods.
  • Apply to all organic solvents Customized by glass and PTFE, which can block all impurities and possess high rate of accuracy, apply to all organic solvents, satisfying the requirements of users.
  • ECO- friendly and conservation Full temperature and flow control for reduce consumption of condensed water.
  • Easy Handling The controller can be affixed to any metal surface due to its magnetic back.
  • Safety In-built ether leak detection device to ensure experiment safety
  • No Leakages Unique PTFE sealing mechanism to avoid solvent leakage Apply to all organic solvents to satisfy all demands.
Typical Specification


LSP A06 Fat Analyzer


Temperature range

Room temperature +5 300

Heating time

Upto 300℃ in 10 Minutes

Measuring range

0.1 100%

Temperature accuracy


IP Rating

IP 65



Sample weight

0.5 〜 15gs (generally 2 ~ 5g, depending on sample)

Capacity per batch


Solvent cup volume


Solvent recovery



External via cable

Power supply

220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz


7 inches color touch screen





Net Weight


Fat Analyzer