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Smart Wash SM1

Experience advanced glassware cleaning with our High Flow Circulation Pump, offering an adjustable rate of up to 500L/min. This Glasswasher holds a 265L capacity with two rack levels. The intuitive Multi Microprocessor Controls feature self-diagnostic software and alarms on an 8.8” Full-Color OLED Touch Screen. Store and secure up to 30 standard and 120 custom programs with a three-level password system and Fingerprint recognition.
Elevate your operations with this powerful, efficient, and userfriendly Glasswasher for a seamless and secure cleaning experience.

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Standard Features of SM1
  • High Flow Circulation pump with adjustable Flow Rate up to 500L/min.
  • Glasswasher Volume 265 Litre with 2 rack level.
  • Easy to use Multi microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms on display with buzzer.
  • 8.8” Full Colour Large OLED display with Touch Screen, easy to read text on display for hassle - free operation
  • Program Storage - 30 Standard & 120 customizable program.
  • Program protected by 3 level password protection with Fingerprint recognition facility. Built-in Water heater for cleaning temperature up to 95°C
  • SS316L stainless steel Washing Chamber, Spray arms & Tank filters
  • SS304 stainless steel external panels
  • 2 peristaltic pump is available in system for Detergent dosing with level sensors.
  • High visibility large perspective glass window on door with integrated light control in chamber.
  • Automatic electronic door locking technology.
  • Two Sprayer for internal & external Glassware cleaning.
  • Built-in forced hot air drying thru Nozzles
  • Built-in HEPA filter ensures the reliable removal of particles from m the air taken in for drying.
  • Front Opening Door for easy loading of Glassware
  • Leakage & over temperature protection.
  • Interchangeable Baskets with Top/Middle Rack Sensing function saves water and detergents
  • Multi-stage filtration system is highly efficient in removing particulate from water in circulation.
  • Power-Off Memory Function can continue wash cycle
  • Automatic Sleep and manual wakeup function.
  • Steam Condenser for water vapour reduction.
  • PT Temperature Sensor is inbuilt with 0.1°C accuracy.
  • Electronically controlled water inlets Hot/Cold water and Pure water for Washing, Rinsing and Steam condenser
  • Built-in Drain Pump for draining the water.
  • Conductivity monitoring (Optional) for ensuring quality cleaning.
  • Water Softener system (Optional) available
  • Cleaning Cycle and Audit trail data save to SD card
  • Maximum glassware load can occupy in single run which saves time, storage space & costs.
  • RS232 port for connecting to a printer or PC.
  • Electronic voltage power: 1P/N 230V-50HZ/5KW
  • Dimension :- Outside (HWD) 940*691*670mm
Laboratory Glassware Washer