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Cryogenic Grinder at the right price & is Digitally adjustable impact frequency 5-15Hz.

Cryogenic Ball Mill CM1100

Cryo Grinder CM1100 is used to process samples with toughness and thermal sensitivity. Such samples are difficult to be ground and crushed at room temperature, CM1100 chills the sample in liquid nitrogen and pulverize them with a magnetically driven impactor and good results can be achieved. CM 1100 is used in applications such as rubber, plastic, food, mineral, animal and plant tissue analysis, drug, biochemical DNA detection, cell disruption and other fields.

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Standard Features of Cryogenic Ball Mill CM1100
  • Designed for powerful cryogenic grinding applications, in order to maintain the samples and biological information, the grinding jar is continuously cooled with Liquid Nitrogen @ -196 °C and pulverize with a magnetically driven impactor.
  • Size reduction, Mixing, Homogenization, Cell disruption. Cryogenic Grinding, Dry or Wet @ Ambient temp. Modes of operation
  • Integrated Advanced Touchscreen display with all digitally adjustable impact frequency, pre-cooling time, impact grinding time, cycle grinding times etc..
  • Powerful & quick grinding to fineness up to less than 5 µm Feed Size less than 10 mm.
  • Digitally adjustable impact frequency 5-15Hz
  • Batch Capacity 0.1-100g
  • Typical grinding time 4.5 / 2 min (Cooling / Grinding)
  • Pre-Cooling Chamber 200 ml & Grinding Chamber 200 ml Manual / Auto Liquid
  • Nitrogen filling option.
  • Grinding jars 4 Groups jars 3m1/4 Jars of 20m1, one Jar of 100 / 200m1
  • When the liquid nitrogen level is lower than the set value, the liquid sensor will alarm and automatically, replenish the liquid nitrogen; and the instrument stops running to protect the electromagnetic coil from damage.
  • Instrument operates only when cover is closed and locked
  • Complete range of grinding balls with all MOCs
Typical Specification
Size Reduction. Mixing Homogenzing ,Cell Disruption ,DNA/RNA/Protein Extraction.
Feed Material


Grinding Modes

Dry/wet/cryogenic Drying

Single Grinding Time


The shortest pre-cooling time 


Batch Capacity


Pre- cooling Chamber


Grinding jars

4 groups (4×3=12 Pieces ) jars of 3ml /4 jars of 20ml /one jar of 100ml / one jar of 200ml

Liquid Nitrogen Filling system

Manual / Automatic (optional )

Grinding jars

4 groups (4×3=12 Pieces ) jars of 3ml /4 jars of 20ml /one jar of 100ml / one jar of 200ml

Liquid Nitrogen Filling system

Manual / Automatic (optional )

Impact Frequency


Rated Power


Power Supply


Instrument Size


Package size



LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.