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Hammer Mill 1100 could process large batches of coarse & fine grinding, widely used in power plants

Hammer Mill HM 1100

Hammer Mill 1100 process samples by impacting effects which suitable for brittle mid- hard samples preparation. Also, it could process large batches of coarse and fine grinding, widely used in power plants and sample preparation labs for coal quality analysis by its easy handling, efficiency, and accuracy, less residual in mill chamber as well. Samples are fed into the center of mill chamber through patent feeding hopper, then it impacted with cross beater rotor moving at high speed and frequency to reduce particle size. Once the particle size is less than sieve holes, it will fall into collecting pan. Massive air will be absorbed by the rotor through feeding tunnel which accelerated reduced particle leave mill chamber.

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Standard Features of Hammer Mill HM 1100
  • Electric Braking.
  • Bench- top, easy handling, saving space.
  • Auto feeding system, reduce operational error and contamination.
  • Rotors and Bottom sieves separating easily convenient to clean Mill chamber.
  • Controllable reduced particle size from 0.12mm to 10mm by bottom sieves diameters.
  • High frequency and high rotate speed motor (10000rpm) fulfilled efficiency milling and less residual in Mill chamber..
Typical Specification
Max.Feed Size

≤ 4mm

Final Fineness

≤ 0.2mm (99%)

Rotor Peripheral Velocity

76.3 m/s

Rated power



LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.


Coal, coke, soil, Glass, minerals, Refractory clay, oxide, porcelain granite etc.,