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LABINDIA's High Energy Ball Mill MM1600 is a multi-functional bench-top ball mill specially designed for fast preparation of ultra-fine sample with high sample throughput capable of handling 6-384 samples simultaneously in modern laboratory applications, specially for Dry, Wet and Cryogenic grinding  can process multiple small sample volumes.Grinds, Mixes, Homogenizes any kind powders and Suspensions (Hard Soft, Brittle, Elastic  Fibrous Samples types in nature) in only few seconds and grinds down to nanometer Size.

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Features and advantages
  • Advanced 7” LED Colour Touchscreen design with easy to control the instrument programs and digitally adjustable grinding parameters
  • Suitable for Dry, Wet and Cryogenic grinding.
  • Applications covers Size reduction, Mixing, Homogenization, Cryogenic Grinding, Nucleic acid extraction sample pre-treatment with extremely short processing time.
  • Wide range of grinding jars and accessories for extensive applications from 1.5 to 125 ml (Stainless Steel, Zirconium oxide, Tungsten carbide, Agate, PTFE ) (1.5ml / 2ml / 5ml/ 10ml / 25ml / 35ml / 50ml / 80 ml / 125 ml)
  • Various grinding balls with construction of material (Stainless Steel, Zirconium oxide, Tungsten carbide, Agate, PTFE) (0.5,1,2,3,5,7, 0,12,15,20,25,30,40 mm)
  • Cryo Kit for cooling the grinding jars or adapter with Liquid Nitrogen
  • Designed for high sample throughput, up to 384 samples simultaneously.
  • Program setting can control the Speed, operation time, interim grinding, program storage & Cycle Times etc.
  • Storage of 20 sets of SOP’s
  • Cycle Times 1-99 (Digitally programmed)
  • The transparent window on the upper lid allows user to check the grinding status any time
  • Safety Lock Device for the upper lid ensures the motor stops running when the upper lid is opened in the grinding process for user personal safety.
  • LN2 & Water Cooling Provision (External) through Chiller
Technical Specifications


Size Reduction, Mixing, Homogenization, Cryogenic Grinding, Mechanochemistry, Mechanical Alloying,


Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry / Plastics, Construction Materials, Engineering / Electronics, Environment / Recycling, Food, Geology / Metallurgy, Glass / Ceramics, Medicine / Pharmaceuticals

Feed Material

Hard, Medium-Hard, Soft, Brittle, Elastic, Fibrous

Principle Of Size Reduction

Impact, Friction

Material Feed Size

≤ 15 mm

Final Fineness

5µm / 100nm (Depends On The Property Of Sample)

No. Of Grinding Stations

2 (Dual) / 6 (Multi) / 2 or 6 with External Temprature (Control)


7" Industrial Colour Touch Screen Display with Digital Programming of all parameters

Vibrational Frequency

Digital, 1 - 35 Hz (60 - 2100 RPM)

Type Of Grinding

Dry / Wet / Cryogenic Grinding

Grinding Under Inert Gas


Nanometer Grinding


Material Of Grinding Jars

Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium Oxide, Agate, PTFE

Grinding Jar Sizes

1.5 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 80 / 125ml

Cell Disruption Adapter


Batch Capacity

6 x 20 ml / 2 x 45 ml

Grinding Time

0-99 Hrs, Digital

Interval Operation

0-99 Hrs, Digital

Cycle Time

01- 99

Storable SOPS

20 Sets

Editable Programmes


Power Connection

Single Phase



Protection Code

IP 30


≤ 60 dB

Power Connection

Single Phase

Rated Power

1.8 KW

Power Supply

220 V / 50 Hz

Instrument size(W*D*H)

685*510*506 mm

Package size(W*D*H)

785*900*780 mm


140 Kg

Cooling Option

LN2 & Water Cooling Provision through external chiller with temp. control from -15°C to 80°C with MM1600 (Control)