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Ball mill grinder does Powerful & quick grinding to a fineness up to less than 5 µm Feed Size

Micro Ball Mill MM 1100

Micro Ball Mill MM 1100 grinds and homogenizes small sample volumes quickly and efficiently by impact and friction. They are suitable for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding as well as for cell disruption for DNA/RNA recovery.

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Standard Features of Micro Ball Mill MM1100
  • Size reduction, Mixing, Homogenization, Cell disruption. Dry, Wet & Cryogenic Grindings just in Sec. to sub microns.
  • Pulverization of two samples from 0.2 to 50 ml in 30 Sec. Perfect for disruption of biological cells as well as for DNA/RNA and protein extraction.
  • Integrated Advanced Touchscreen display with all digitally adjustable speed, Grinding time, interium grinding etc.
  • Powerful & quick grinding to fineness up to less than 5 µm Feed Size less than 10 mm.
  • Digitally adjustable vibrational frequency 180-110RPM Sample Volume 0.2-20 ml
  • Digitally selectable grinding time 1 Sec — 100 min
  • Wide range of grinding jars 2-50m1 (Stainless Steel, Agate, Zirconium Oxide, Tungsten Carbide & PTFE) specially designed with 'Easy-Clamping System'
  • Transparent window on the upper lid to check the grinding status.
  • Safety Lock Device for the upper lid ensures the motor stops running when the upper lid is opened in the grinding process for user personal safety
  • Cryo Kit for cooling the grinding jars or adapter with Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Adapters for Disruption of Biological Cells reaction vials up to 96 and adapters can be placed into Liquid nitrogen directly with various reaction vials.
  • Bead Dispenser suitable for 96- hole deep well plate with 3mm & 5mm sizes of choice.
  • Storable memory of 9 SOPs.
  • Complete range of grinding balls with all MOCs
Typical Specification


Size Reduction, Mixing, Homogenizing, Cell Disruption, DNA/RNA/Protein Extraction

Feed Material

Soft, Hard, Brittle, Elastic, Fibrous

Grinding Modes

Dry / Wet / Cryogenic Drying

Cell Disruption with Reaction vials

5 / 6 / 10 / 12 / 24 / 48 x 1.5 / 2.0ml

96 X 0.2 / 1.2ml

6 / 12 X 5ml

96 Microplate Bead Dispenser (Ø3mm / Ø5mm)

Feed Size


Final Fineness

5 μm

No. of Grinding Station



5’’ LED Colour Touch Screen

Vibrational Frequency (Speed)

Digital; 3-30 Hz (180-1800 min -1)

Sample Volume

0.2 to 20 ml

Grinding Jars

Specially Designed with Easy Clamp system for simple safe clamping

Grinding Jar Sizes

1.5ml / 2ml / 5ml / 10ml / 25ml / 35ml / 50ml

Setting of Grinding Time

00:01 - 99:59(hr/min) OR 00:01 - 99:59(min: sec)

Interval Operation

00:01 - 99:59 (Min:sec)

Storable SOPs


Cycle Times




Protection Code




Rated Power

200 W

Power Supply

220 / 240V, 50/60Hz

Instrument Size (W*D*H)


Package Size (W*D*H)


Net Weight



LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.