Planetary Ball Mill BM 1200+

The vertical Laboratory Planetary Ball Mill is a device of high tech materials mixing, fine grinding, sample making, new product development and small batch production. This planetary ball mill model owns small volume and high efficiency, low noise and functional features which is an ideal equipment for R&D institution, university, enterprises laboratory to get samples (each experiment can get four samples at the same time). It gets powder samples under the vacuum state when equipped with vacuum ball mill tank.The planetary ball mill is widely used in many fields of geology, mine, metallurgy, electric industry,Construction, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, environmental protection etc.

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Planetary Ball Mill is a device of high tech materials mixing, fine grinding, sample making and more
Standard Features of Planetary Ball Mill BM 1200+
  • Stable revolving speed of the gear transmission ensures the consistency and repeatability of the experiment.
  • Planetary movement principle is adopted in the machine, which has high speed, large energy, high efficiency, small granularity.
  • Four powder samples from different sizes and different materials can be produced at one time.
  • The machine is controlled by frequency converter, you may choose ideal rotating speed according to expected experimental result. The converter is equipped with device of under voltage and over-current to protect the motor.
  • The planetary ball mill has functions of timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotating. You may choose freely any operation modes of one-way direction, alternation, succession, time setting according to experimental needs, so as to improve efficiency of grinding.
  • Technical features of BM1200+ series Ball Mill: Low center of gravity, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, lower noise, small loss.
  • Safety switch is installed on the machine to prevent safety accident if the safety cover is opened while machine is running.
  • Speed ratio- selectable 1:-2/1:-2.5/1:-3
  • Programme parameters can be set through standard lcd display or optional lcd colour touch screen.
  • Four jar grinding system - selection from 50ml- 4 liters depending on the selection of the model.
  • Grinding jars n balls available in 8 MOC options.
  • Noise level is less than 60db.
  • Feed size of <= 10mm and final fineness upto 1 micrometer and with colloidal grinding 100 nano meter.
Typical Specification
Drive Mode
Gear drive or belt drive
Working Mode

Two or four grinding jars working together

Max Load Volume (Material + Balls )

No more than 2/3 of mill jar volume

Feed Size


Output Granularity  

Minimum up to 1um & 0.1um (colloidal Grinding) Different Materials and grinding process will be different

Rotation Speed Ratio

1:-2 (Revolution /Rotation )

Rotation Speed

Details as per parameters table

Speed Regulation

Frequency control

Interval operation

Yes. Reverse


LCD Display standards or optional LCD colour Touch screen


LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.