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Planetary Ball Mill BM 1400+ (4 Grinding Stations)

Planetary Ball Mill BM 1400+ (4 Grinding Stations)

Planetary Ball Mill BM 1400+can not only perform mixing and grinding, but also meet the requirements of colloid grinding. In addition, its giant energy input can meet the technical requirements of preparing alloy with mechanical methods. BM 1400+ can be used for rapid fine crushing of soft, hard, brittle and fibrous material to end fineness <1um> BM 1400+ is used mainly in applications like Plant, cement clinker, concrete, compost, paints and varnishes, charcoal, hair, catalysts, chemicals, alloys, bones, metal oxides, iron ore, ceramics, polymers, bentonites, pigments etc.

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Standard Features of Planetary Ball Mill BM 1400+
  • Pulverizing, Mixing, Homogenizing, Colloidal milling, Mechanical alloying Up to 4 (With 4 grinding platforms can process 2, 4, 8 samples simultaneously)
  • Integrated 7" Touch Display with all digitally adjustable speed, Grinding time, Holding/Pass time, Interval operation etc.
  • Powerful & quick grinding to Nano fineness up to less than 0.1 µm
  • Two different grinding Models (Dry / Wet)
  • Digitally adjustable sun wheel speed 30-400rpm with speed ratio 1: 2.2 / (Upgradable (-3.5) & effective sun wheel diameter 360mm
  • Digitally selectable grinding time 0-999min (Cycle times 01-99) Pass / Holding time 0-99 min & Interval operation in reverse direction.
  • 6 kinds of grinding jars in material for contamination free grinding from 12-500 ml (Stainless Steel, Agate, Zirconium Oxide, Tungsten Carbide & Sintered Aluminum Oxide)
  • The grinding jars are marked with capacity and materials are marked on the grinding jars, which is easy to distinguish from others.
  • Storable memory of 10 SOPs.
  • Automatic ventilation system for cooling the grinding jar Built-In High power fans for auto effective cooling for motors during Grinding
  • Maintenance free Drive guarantees to maintain constant speed in continuous operation for long time operation or under maximum overload
  • Intelligent security lock for safety
  • Multi-Safety Design of Grinding Jars with Gas Tight, Dust- Proof & Safe Operation during Colloid Grinding & Can be sealed in Colloid Grinding (Wet Grinding) to ensure Over- Pressure gas not easily escape.
  • Optional Pressure and temperature measuring system
  • Feed Size less than 15 mm
  • Complete range of grinding balls with all MOCs
Typical Specification


Pulverizing, Mixing, Homogenizing, Colloidal Milling, Mechanical Alloying.

Feed Material

Soft, Hard, Brittle, Fibrous - Dry or Wet

Feed Size

< 15mm>

Final Fineness

<1 xss=removed>

No. of Grinding Station

1,2,4 (With 4 grinding platforms can process 2,4,8 samples simultaneously

Speed of Grinding Jar


Speed Ratio

1:-2.2 / -3.5

Sun Wheel Speed

30 - 400 / min

Effective Sun Wheel Diameter




Measurement of input energy



7 inch LED Touch Display

Grinding Jars

Multi-Safety with equipped with Safe Closure Device & Aeration Lids

Grinding Jar Sizes  

12ml / 50ml / 80ml / 125ml 250ml / 500ml. 25ml Jar on Request

Setting of Grinding Time

Digital 001-999 min

Interval Operation

Yes with Direction Reversal

Holding / Pause Time

Digital 01 - 99 min

Storable SOPs


Rated Power


Power Supply

220 I 240V, 50/60 Hz

Instrument Size (W*D*H) 


Package Size (W*D*H)   


Net Weight



LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.