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Labkjel Optima

The Labkjel Optima Nitrogen & Protein Analyzer stands out for its intelligent operation, high efficiency, energy conservation, and seamless data sharing capabilities, providing users with an enhanced experience.
Its applications span across a diverse range of industries including food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, education, quality control, and other areas requiring precise nitrogen or protein analysis.

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Standard Features of Labkjel Optima
  • Automation, Fully automatic distillation, titration, calculation, printing, waste disposal, fault self-test and can be connected to 24-position Auto Sampler for true unattended operation, making the whole experiment process simple and efficient. FEATURES
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP, it has the function of authorization management, account management,experiment data traceable password aging and editing protection,etc.
  • High accuracy, burette accuracy can be adjusted from 0.2 to 1μL/Step.
  • New metal condensing unit, ultra high efficiency for condensing, saving up to 50% water.
  • 24-position Auto Sampler with fully program processing, no manual guard, saving human resource cost.
  • Distillation and titration in real time, variable speed titration technology, reducing experiment time up to 30%.
  •  With side-distillation titration and variable-speed titration technology, reducing experiment time by one-third
  • New Android operating system, easy to use, powerful, with 10 inch high-definition color touch screen, real-time control of the entire experimental process
  • With batch testing function, it makes the batch sample experiment operation simple, reducing test time
  • Monitoring the condensate effluent temperature in real time to ensure complete condensation of the sample, ensuring the test results are accurate and reliable
  • Privilege grading function, which can realize data traceability management and meet the requirements of GMP and 21CFR Part11
  • The titration module is used to titrate the receiving liquid, the titration result is more accurate, and the titration precision is higher.
  • The titration graph displays the online monitoring of the entire experimental process in real time, and the experimental method can be adjusted in real time to improve the test accuracy and efficiency.
  • Up to 24-position Auto Sampler, the Auto Sampler does not require a separate power supply and is directly connected to the LKO 1406 fully automatic Kjeldahl analyzer. The entire system is more energy-efficient.
  • 24-position injection port, the cleaning position is separated from the test position, completely eliminating the possibility of cross contamination during distillation
  • Ultra-large capacity solvent tank, which can meet 500 experimental analysis in one fill, effectively improve laboratory efficiency
  • Testing report can be customized and output by pdf or print.
  • All sample weight weigh by balance can be output directly into K1160 for analysis(specified model).
  • Color sensor can be adjust by RGB model, compliance with AOAC , ISO , EPA , USP etc.
Typical Specification


LKO 1406 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

Measuring range

0.01mg 240mg N

Analysis Time






Burette Precision

0.2μL/step, 0.4μL/step and 1.0μL/step optional

Sample Capacity

solid≤5g/sample, liquid≤20mL/sample

Water Consumption in the distillation


Process Data Storage Capacity

1 million groups (Internal) / Unlimited (PC)



Power Supply

220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz



Net Weight




Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer