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Phan pH Meter

Phan pH Meter

The Phan pH meter is the most basic and entry level model from Labindia. With micro controller based having a sleek modular cabinet with multifunction splash waterproof keyboard for ease of use. Simultaneous measurement of pH mV and temperature with a SCAN key for displaying the stored pH values.

User interactive software with direct keys for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries. Labind a pH meter has a non volatile memory storage of 40pH readings in four sets of 10 readings each. Calibration of the instrument can be done using 4,7 and 9,2 pH buffers and a user assigned standard.

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Standard Features of Phan pH Meter
  • Advanced micro-controller based user friendly state-of-the-art design.
  • Sleek moulded cabinet with Multifunction splash-waterproof polyester keyboard with soft keys.
  • User interactive software with direct keys for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.
  • 20 x 2 line back lighted LCD display.
  • Simultaneous measurement of pH, mV and Temperature. SCAN key for displaying the stored pH values with Memory SET & Reading No.
  • Non-volatile memory storage of 40 pH readings in four sets of 10 readings each.
  • AVERAGE function key to check the Average of the pH reading stored in the selected memory SET.
  • MEM CLEAR Key to clear the pH data / reading memory buffer block and calibration data.
  • Calibration of instruments with 4.00, 7.00, 9.20 and User Assigned / selected calibration standard with ASSIGN key.
  • Built-in ATC with selection of Automatic / Manual mode. ATC temperature at 25° C or at Manually User-entered Temperature. Automatic Temperature Compensation by PT100 Temperature sensor Range 0° to 100° C.
  • Input Stability Indication for reproducible results.
  • Probe Check Mode for checking Electrode Aging.
  • Error indication helps user to trace the problem.
  • Audible Beep indication during Valid Key operation.
Typical Specification
Phan pH Meter
pH range

0.00 to 14.00


0.01 pH

Relative Accuracy

± 0.02 pH


80% to 120%


Combination pH electrode /Two separate Electrodes


Standard 7.00, 4.00 & 9.20 pH with buffer recognition.


mV range - O to ±1999.9 mV
Resolution - ± 0.1mV
Relative accuracy - ± 0.2 mV


Temperature range - O to 99.90°C
Resolution - o.1°c
Relative accuracy - ± 0.2°C
Sensor - RTD PT 100
Temp. Compensation - Manual / Automatic


20 x 2 line back lighted Liquid Crystal Display(LCD).


Splash water-proof polyester soft keys.

Data Storage

Non-Volatile memory.


1 BNC, 1ATC - PT 100

Input Impedance

> 1012 ohms

Electrode diagnosis


Environmental Operating Conditions

a) Operation- Indoor
b) Temperature - Ambient to 45°C
c) Relative humidity - 5 to 90% noncondensing
d) Altitude o - 2000m

Power requirement

AC-DC Adapter 100-300 V AC, 47-63 Hz 9.0V DC@1.0A


130 x 190 x 55mm (W x D x H)




LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.

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