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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer has a PC system built into the instrument as Standard.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

At Labindia, we manufacture state-of-the-art Spectrophotometers ranging from fully automatic ones to UV-VIS Spectrophotometers.The AA8000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a high performance automated instrument designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory. Due to its versatility and performance AA8000 can be used for a wide range of applications including: Agriculture, Clinical, Environmental, Food, Metal, Mining and Petrochemical. The AA8000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is a true double beam with sealed and vibration free optical system, having Czerny-turner Monochromator with Holographic grating (1800 lines/mm).

The instrument is available with a flame atomiser and graphite furnace. Three flame options are available namely – Air/Acetylene, N2O/Acetylene and Air/LPG (Natural gas). This AAS system can be fully automated via either our Universal Auto-sampler OR a Random Access Auto-sampler. Hydride analyser is also available can also be FULLY automated. The instrument is FULLY controlled via our ‘user-friendly’ software AAWin. With more than 1000 units sold World Wide the AA8000 atomic absorption spectrophotometer is used in many locations and for many applications and well accepted as a High Specification and reliable system.

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Standard Features of Fully Automatic True Double Beam - Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA8000)
  • Benchtop Model.
  • PC system built into the instrument as standard. Windows professional platform with latest version operating system.
  • Full software control of the instrument and autosampler.
  • Pre-installed AA-Win Software GLP and 21- CFR Part 11 Compliant, export of data to other applications and integrated QC Protocol.
  • Automatic 8 lamp turret controlled and optimized by the AA-Win software.
  • Automatic alignment and optimization of energy using coded lamps & built-in power supply.
  • GLP compliant software is now available for all AA8000 Configurations.
  • D2 lamp or Self reversal background systems.
  • High precision minimal optics ensures maximum for flame and furnace both light throughput to the computer controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator
  • High sensitivity absorbance better than 0.9abs for 5ppm Cu.
  • A universal autosampler is available which can be used for flame as well as graphite furnace system with Auto Dilution facility.
  • Absorption and Emission modes are standard as well as peak height, peak area, sequential and manual integration modes.
  • Autoflame Ignition. Nebulizer Interlock for gas leakage etc.
  • New upgrade available with Full Automation for Multi-Element Analysis.
  • Spray chambers chemically inert material capable of handling all corrosive materials.
Software Features
  • Built in AA Cookbook for all elements.
  • Easy built in user Tools.
  • Automatic programming multiples of 8 elements approx 32.
  • Instrument controlled via built in PC.
  • Hallow Cathode Lamp Energy Graph.
  • Normal, Standard addition and standard curve calibration methods supported.
  • Flexible and comprehensive results database filters to select and display the required data.
  • Validation Package:
    Validation should able to be performed by the operator.
    Automatic OQ test available.
  • Height of Burner Head - stored in method
  • Gas Flow Control: Fully Automatic, Software operated mass flow control for Fuel Flow. Total gas flow control system to maintain gas flow (Ratio of fuel/Oxidant) at set levels even when subjected to outside variations like nebulizer adjustments. Automatic gas flow adjustment during change over between Air / C2H2 & N2O.
Typical Specification

Wavelength Range

185nm – 915nm


True double Beam, Sealed & Vibration free optical system with a reflective optical compartment.


PMT (wide range)


Czerny – turner type with holographic grating of 4500 lines /mm and Reciprocal Linear Dispersion better than 0.45nm/mm @ 200 nm , focal length 330mm.

Spectral Bandwidth

Adjustable slit from 0.1 nm. to 2nm. (software selectable)

Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Reproducibility




Baseline stability



Cu>0.9 Absorbance or better for 5 ppm Cu solution precision of <0>

Detection Limit

Cu < 0>µg/ml (flame) cd <0> -12g

(Graphite Furnace)


Cu <0>

Ba < 1>

Cu < 2>

Background Correction

Deuterium Arc / self-reversal up to 2.5 Absorbance  

Characteristic correction

Cu < 0>µg/ml, Ba <0 xss=removed>?O / Acetylene) Burner Heads


High efficiency fully adjustable Inert nebuliser

Burner Head

 Titanium Alloy

Atomization Chamber

Corrosion – resistant material

Position Adjustment 

Automatic changeover for integrated flame and graphite system. Automatic setting of optimum height of flame burner, software controlled Burner movement both vertical and horizontal.

Safety functions ( Interlocks )

Burner identifications ,Flame sensor, Gas leak sensor, Low gas pressure sensor, Drain Trap Sensor ,Power Loss protection , Circulation water ( graphite ) , Over Temperature Sensor

( graphite )


The AA8000 Autosampler 114 position with Autodilution facility can be used with both Flame & Graphite Instrument Configurations with Dilution facility.

Flame System

Vial Capacity

38 positions

Sample Vial Size


Standard sample Vial Size



Cu< 0>

Pressure Protection for wash
Position Adjustment using Software


Graphite System

Vial capacity

76 positions

Sample Vial Size

1.5 ml

Modifier Vial Size


Upto 3 Modifier



Cu< 2>

Pressure protection for wash
Position Adjustment using Software

Flame Atomiser Features
  • 3 flame systems are available. Air/acetylene is the standard configuration with the N2O/acetylene and Air/LPG as options.
  • Air/Acetylene
  • This flame uses a 100mm single slot burner for standard configuration.
  • The high sensitivity (Cu 5ppm > 0.9A) is due to the efficiency of the fixed position High Efficiency Nebuliser fitted as standard. An acid resistant replacement is available as an option.
  • N2O/Acetylene 
  • The burner for this gas has a 50mm slot and is used to measure elements less prone to ionization such as: Aluminium, Tin, Titanium, Calcium and Vanadium.
  • The switchover from air/acetylene and flame off is fully computer controlled.
  • Air/Propane (LPG)
  • This flame uses a 3 slot burner and with the low pressure requirement it is also much safer to operate. Due to the lower temperature it is ideal for analysing alkali metals such as Potassium, Sodium and Lithium, especially when used in the Emission mode.
  • There are some remote areas in the world that have difficulty obtaining acetylene or even a high enough purity to operate the flame, so LPG can give a real alternative and offer comparable results throughout the wavelength range.
  • Safety Features
  • Gas Pressure Monitoring for all gasses • Burner Identification • Flame Sensor • Drain Trap level Sensor • Gas Leak Detector • Safety cut off switch 
Graphite Furnace Atomiser Feature
  • The graphite furnace atomiser is available in 2 Models: - In the AA8000G instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed into the light path. In the AA8000FG instr ument the graphite furnace head is positioned automatically into the light path by a simple operation in the AA-Win software.
  • Furnace Head Design - The Transverse head is heated and cooled efficiently due to the feedback system and has been designed to reduce analytical problems normally associated with this type of technique. Pyrolytically coated graphite tubes are used as standard and are manufactured to improve performance as well as increase the analytical life.
  • Heating Program - Up to 10 heat stages are available. These can be set up and stored in the AA-Win software.
  • The graphite furnace tube is cooled efficiently by an optional water circulation system / chiller.
  • Safety Features:
  • Argon Gas Pressure Sensor • Water Flow Sensor • Over Temperature Sensor
  • Camera for Graphite furnace can be provided on request
The Instrument is available in three configuration
  • Equipped with Flame Atomiser with options for three flame configuration: 
  • Air/Acetylene as standard configuration
  • N2O/Acetylene or Air/LPG (Natural Gas) as option. 
  • All three flame configurations are offered with coded burner for full safety and protection.
  • Equipped with Integrated Flame and Graphite Atomiser with easy change-over by simple selection in the AA- Win Software.
  • Equipped with Graphite Furnace Atomiser. The Graphite head is fixed into the optical path to maximise per formance and eliminate drift. The transversely heated graphite tube is efficiently heated and cooled due to precision feedback system. Option upgradability to Graphite camera.