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UV 3000

The UV3000 range of UV-Visible Spectrophotometers can fully meet the requirements of the chemist. The UV3000 UV-Visible series is innovative in terms of instrument application, mechanical and optical design, electronic control and software whilst retaining features that are well established and accepted through the industry.

The UV3000 series of UV-Visible Spectrophotometers are able to carry out the following analysis: photometric measurement, spectrum scans, kinetic measurements, quantitative determination and DNA/Protein analysis. When interfaced to a PC the software offers many more user-friendly applications such as access to data base, three-dimensional spectrum analysis, GLP Laboratory protocol, fast analysis of pesticide residues and other applications within the environmental protection code of analysis.

This gives the UV3000 series of instruments high performance characteristics, flexibility, and user friendliness. The instruments are professionally manufactured to a very high specification, with excellent quality control.

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Standard Features of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  •  Accurate analysis: Holographic grating greatly reducing stray light of the instr ument and making the analysis more accurate.
  •  Powerful function: The main unit of the spectrophotometer can analyse for photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectrum scan, DNA/Protein analysis and can print data. When connected to a computer the Spec UV sof tware adds many additional functions, such as 3D spectrum analysis, GLP laboratory protocol. It can be applied in fast pesticide remain detection, environment protection, inspection and quarantine and other fields.
  •  Convenient operation: High degree of automation, the operator only needs to press keys twice when measuring ordinary samples.
  •  Easily upgraded: Many optional accessories enhance the flexibility and the measurement range of the instrument.
  •  Easy routine: maintenance The simple mechanical structure and modular electrical design make the routine maintenance easy.
  •  Original technology: The deuterium and tungsten lamps can be easily replaced and are supplied pre-aligned. A motorised automatic 8-cell holder is supplied as standard which is particularly useful for the determination of pesticides.
Typical Specifications



Double Beam with Automatic 8 Cell Charger

Wavelength Range

190-1100 nm

Spectral Band Width

0.5, 1, 2, 5

Wavelength Display

0.01 nm

Wavelength Setting

0.05 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 0.1 nm @656.0 nm D2, ± 0.3 nm (190-1100)

Wavelength Repeatability

0.1 nm

Stray Light

0.03% @340 & 220 nm, 1% @198 nm for KCI

Photometric Range

-3 to 3 A

Photometric Accuracy

±0.002 A at 0.5, ±0.004 at 1 A

Photometric Reproducibility

0.001 A (0.5 A), 0.002 A (1A)

Baseline Stability

±0.0002 Abs

Baseline Flatness

±0.001 Abs

Scan Speed

5-3500 nm/min

Slew Speed

5000 nm/min


Facility to upgrade with Integrating sphere(Solid Sample analysis) in future

It can work stand alone as well as PC with Sof tware. (Software is supplied with the Instrument)

Optional Accessories
  •  PS181-2 Sipper Pump Accessory (Pump, Tubing, Cassette, Front Panel, Flow Cell) 
  • CH188-1 Position 10mm Constant Temperature Cell Changer (For use with PTC-2)
  • PTC-2 Peltier Module