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PURISPIN 17R - Micro Centrifuge

PURISPIN 17R - Micro Centrifuge

Refrigerated micro centrifuge with compact design and easy operation Compact Design, Refrigerator and Fast Cool Function, Various Rotors, Silent Operation, Easy Touch Controller.

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Standard Features of VARISPIN 17R
  • Minimum footprint in class ensures free space allocation on table.
  • Pre-cooling before use is available so that user can minimize the risk of degradation of thermal sensitive samples.
  • 4? at maximum speed is ensured.
  • Most micro tubes can be used from PCR tubes to general micro tubes.
  • Well-balanced motor minimized vibration, which leads to the most silent operation.
  • User-friendly 4.3" full color touch LCD controller.
  • All set points are visible at a glance and setting is easy.
Typical Specification



Max. RPM

17,000RPM(Angle Rotor)

13,000RPM(Swing Rotor)


Max. RCF

23,522 xg

16,343 xg


Max. Capacity

1.5/2.0ml x 30

1.5/2.0ml x 24


Accel / Decel phase

0 ~ 9 (10set)


Set Temp.

-10 ~ +40 ( 1 increments )


Ref. System



Noise Level



Set Time

99 min 59sec or continuous


Time Count

From start / From set-up RPM



100 memory


Rotor ID

Automatic Recognition



4.3” LCD Touch Screen


Display message on screen

RPM, RCF, Time, Door open/close, Temp ACC, DEC, Rotor ID, Program, Comp. On/Off,

Key lock


RPM Range

400 to 17,000 RPM


Available Rotor Quantity



Power Supply



AC 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase

AC120V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase


Power Consumption



Dimension(W x D x H)

306 x 463 x 373 mm (H:685mm with open lid)


Weight (without rotor)