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VARISPIN 12 - Multi Purpose Centrifuge

VARISPIN 12 - Multi Purpose Centrifuge

Multi purpose centrifuge with the combined advantage of capacity & space. Optimal Footprint in class & Wide Range of Application, Easy Touch Controller, A Variety of Tubes Applicable, Stable Air Cooling System.

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Standard Features of VARISPIN 12
  • This model makes better use of space in most work tables.
  • This model supports a variety of rotor options.
  • User-friendly 4.3” full color touch LCD controller.
  • All set points are visible at a glance and setting is easy.
  • Various sizes of tube are available from 0.2ml to 250ml.
  • Proper tube adaptors are selectable.
  • Effective air dynamics and optimized inner design minimize the frictional heat of rotor to prevent overheating.
Typical Specification


Max. RPM

12,000RPM(Angle Rotor)

4,000RPM(Swing Rotor)


Max. RCF

16,647 xg

3,461 xg


Max. Capacity

85ml x 6

250ml x 4


Accel / Decel phase

0 ~ 9 (10set)


Noise Level



Set Time

99 hour 59 min 59sec or continuous


Time Count

From start / From set-up RPM



100 memory


Rotor ID

Automatic Recognition



4.3” LCD Touch Screen


Display message on screen

RPM, RCF, Time, Door open/close, ACC, DEC, Rotor ID, Program, key lock


RPM Range

400 to 12,000 RPM


Available Rotor Quantity





Power Supply




AC 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase

AC 120V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase

AC 100V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase


Power Consumption



Dimension(W x D x H)

496 x 657 x 360 mm (H:895mm with open lid)


Weight (without rotor)