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Freeze Dryer

ILSHIN BIOBASE has developed Table Top Freeze Dryer by combination of ultra-low temperature free-zing technology and vacuum drying technology since 1988. ILSHIN BIOBASE freeze dryer’s suit for the various requirements of customers by modular combination of each functionality and flexibility, so customer can accomplish prompt and easy freeze drying research and development.

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Standard Features
  • Automatic control - Automatic freeze drying process is executed while condenser freezes below -80℃, preventing vacuum pump from any chance of moisture mixing.
  • Manual control: - For specific material, manual control allows in depth monitoring and observation through the freeze drying process. Equipped with Power On-Off S/W, Mode selects S/W between automatic and manual.
  • Auto cascade cycle refrigeration system: - With accumulated experience and expertise, single compressor auto cascade refrigeration system provides fast pull down and strong performance without any trouble from user environment.
  • Condenser: - STS (Stainless steel) drum type condenser keeps cold trap temperature below -80℃ and collects moisture with uniformity. Condensing process is visually monitored.
  • Defrost: - Hot gas defrosts condensed ice on the trap within 30 minutes and drains. Cleaning is easy with soft fabric.
  • Vacuum Pump: - With 2 stage controllable gas ballast valve, oil back flow is prevented. Suitable for high throughout, Dual mode supports high vacuum application.
Technical Specification


Laboratory Series

TFD 8501

TFD 8503

FD 8508

FD 8512

FD 8518

FD 12008

Ice capacity

1 liters

2 liters

5 liters

10 liters

12 liters

5 liters

Totally ice capacity

2 liters

3 liters

8 liters

12 liters

18 liters

8 liters

Condenser temperature

-70 to -85

-100 to -120

Ext. dimensions (WxDxH mm)

450 x 525 x 500 mm

800 x 650 x 400 mm

800 x 705 x 860 mm

850 x 750 x 885 mm


3/8 HP

1 1/4 HP

2 x 1 1/2 HP


220V 60Hz, 230V 50Hz


ISO9001 / ISO 14001 / CE

Option – 1) Drying Chamber

Multi Drying Chamber / Drying Chamber / Clear Drying Chamber / Heated Drying Chamber / Manifold Chamber

2.) Product Shelf



3.) Vacuum Pump


(100 LPM)


(196 LPM)

ISL136 (196 LPM) / ISL201 (283 LPM)