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Tablet Disintegration Tester

In simple words, Disintegration of tablets refers to the time taken by the tablet to break up into small granules or particles when placed in a suitable liquid medium under experimental conditions.Disintegration as a physical process is very important in the entire dissolution process because dissolution requires disintegration to occur first as it gives critical safety data on drug bioavailability in the body of the recipient.Disintegration process plays an important role in the entire dissolution testing process as it is a complex process. As a trusted name in analytical instruments, we provide various types of disintegration test apparatus or disintegration testers that comply with USP, IP, BP, Ph.Eur specifications and have complaint design according to current pharmacopeia ( USP<701>, USP<2040>, Ph.Eur. 2.9.1).Our range of disintegration testers includes two models.The first is Tablet Disintegration DT 1000 a simple and easy to use instrument. With a single timer for both baskets and a single drive which make it a perfect entry level model for any sort of disintegration testing.The second one is Tablet Disintegration DT 1000+ is the advanced version, where the disintegration baskets are driven individually and as a result two different samples can be run simultaneously and also the disintegration time taken by individual tables can be recorded.