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Tap Density Tester TD 1025

Tap Density Tester TD 1025

Tap density tester TD 1025 is designed to measure the tapped volume and/or density of powders, granules and other similar products. Tap density tester comes with two tapping position for 14mm and 3mm with cylinder holders which hold 100ml and 250ml glass cylinders.

This instrument calculates Tapped Density, Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio and Bulk Density. The unique design of the tap density tester enables simultaneous tapping and rotating motion. The tap density tester TD 1025 can be connected to a balance for sample weight transfer or a PC to download the methods. Other accessories like 50ml and 25ml volume glass cylinders are also available.

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Standard Features of Tap Density Tester
  • Designed to meet current USP and ASTM specifications for tap density testing.
  • Two Tapping Positions for 14mm and 3mm respectively with cylinder holders to hold 100ml and 250 ml cylinders.
  • The unique simultaneous tapping and rotating motion assures that the material is evenly packed.
  • Calculates results - Tapped Density, Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio and Bulk Density.
  • Balance Interface for sample weight transfer.
  • PC Based Data downloading facility using EDC 21software over LAN (Optional)
  • Low Volume Cylinder Adapters - 10 ml, 25 ml, 5o ml Cylinders - ASTM Compliant (Optional)
  • 100 ml SS Cylinder - USP Method III (Optional)
Typical Specification
Test Method

USP Method I(300 taps per minute)
USP Method II (250 Taps per minute)
USP Method Ill (55 taps per minute) and ASTM (Optional)

Tap Count Range


Type of Drive

Direct Drive with steeper motor

Drop height

Position I= 14, ± 2mm
Position II = 3, ± 0.2mm)

Platform rotation

5-15 rotation I minute


20X2 Line back lighted LCD display


Alphanumeric splash water proof polyester soft keys

Operating Modes

USP, User selectable

Output Printer
RS 232C

Parallel Port
PC Connectivity for Data Downloading

Optional Cylinder =

1 each, 1OOml & 250ml,
Glass. For ASTM test - 1Oml,25ml and 50ml,
Glass For USP Ill :- 1OOmL SS cylinder

Cylinder Holder
Optional Adapters =

1each for 100 ml & 250 ml.
For ASTM test - 1OmL,25mL and 50ml cylinder,
For USP Ill :- 1OOmL SS cylinder

Power Requirement

230VAC / 50 HZ, 45W

Environmental Operating Conditions

a) Operation Indoor
b) Temperature ambient to 45° c
c) Humidity 20% to 80%

Dimensions (Approx)

340 X 31O X 200 mm (J'I X D X H)

Shipping weight (Approx)

13 kg