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  • Titrator

  • What to do if the power on & no Display?

    Check main fuse 1A.If open, replace with new one with same rating.Also check for the 18Vdc power adaptor. It may be faulty.

  • How to resolve the Titrant Dispense problem?

    Check drive motor fuse, if open replace the new one with same rating.Also check for the clogging of dispense tip and replace if required.Please check for the stirrer speed ,should not be on Zero position.

  • What if the pH /mv readout not stable?

    Perform the electrode maintenance task.Refill the electrolyte in the electrode Activate the electrode in the suitable solvent.Check for the proper connectivity of the instrument and the electrode.Check for the physically damage of the electrode if any.

  • Titrator Stirrer speed not displayed, what can I do?

    Check stirrer unit connectivity with main unit with main unit. check Power supply of the stirrer.

  • What if the continuous beep sound at the start of the instrument?

    Make sure the burette assembly is attached to the instrument properly, if not then remove it and attach again. Also Make sure the burette assembly screw is tighten properly.

  • What if RSD fails?

    Please check for the air bubble if any in the dispensing. Also check the weighing accuracy Please check for the electrode activation. If required change the electrolyte.Check for any contamination during analysis