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Handheld homogenizers are Easy to hold and light weight for one-hand operation.

Handheld Homogenizer

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Standard Features
  • Use for mixing, emulsification, shredding, or chopping.
  • Practical answer for small samples.
  • Easy to hold and light weight for one hand operation.
  • Autoclavable stainless steel shafts. Inert to aggressive solutions.
  • All shafts are interchangable shafts and are easily removed for cleanup.
  • High speed motor. Speed control from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm.
Typical Specification
Speed with Zero-Load (rpm))

8000 ~ 30000

Process Range H2O(mL)

0.1~ 50(H2O)/1~ 250(H2O)

Input / Output Power (W)


Contact Material 

316L (Stainless Steel)

Optional working head

Ø5mm/L90mm(0.1~ 50mL) Ø10mm/L150mm(1~250mL)


LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.