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Vibratory Disc Mill 1100

Vibratory Disc Mill 1100

VDM 1100 Vibratory Disc Mill is mainly used for sample preparation of spectral analysis. The Device is especially suitable for fast medium – Hard. Hard, brittle and Fibrous materials to analytical fineness grinding without loss. VDM 1100 Vibratory Disc Mill crush sample via pressure, impact and friction. The Quick – action clamping device makes the grinding set firmly attached onto the vibrating plate. Through transmission the vibrating plate will generate drastic three dimensional vibrating so as to produce giant impacting, frictional and grinding force on the grinding set, and such forces focus on sample to make them become powder in a very short time.

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  1. Ceramics and glass : oxide Ceramics ,glass

  2. Building Materials : Cement, stone, Concrete ,clinker ,Raw meal etc.

  3. Environmental area : Soil , paving stone , slag

  4. Minerals & Metallurgy : Coal ,coke ,corundum ,ore ,slag

Standard Features of Vibratory Disc Mill 1100
  • Extremely short grinding time with quick ,loss free and reproducible grinding
  • High Final Fineness 20 µm
  • Digital Speed 700 – 1500rpm , continuous Adjustable
  • Quick – action clamping device for grinding set
  • Different kinds of material of grinding sets for choice
  • Agate & Tungsten carbide recognition for automatic speed reduction ( 700& 1200 rpm)
  • Colour graphical display with single touch easy programming of parameters
  • Storage memory for 10 SOP’s with parameters
  • Wide range of grinding material for various applications ranging 50-250ml ( Hardened steel , stainless steel , Agate , Tungsten carbide, Zirconium Oxide ,steel 1.1740 for grinding without heavy metal contamination )
Typical Specification



Size reduction, Mixing, Triturating

Feed material

Medium-Hard, Hard, Brittle, Fibrous

Size Reduction Principle

Pressure, Friction

Feed Size


Final Fineness

20 µm

Batch Quantity

10 to 250 gms;  Depending on size of gringing set


700 - 1500 RPM (Variable & Continuously adjustable)

Material of Grinding sets

Hardened Steel, Stainless steel, Agate, Zirconium Oxide, Tungsten carbide & Steel 1.1740 for grinding without heavy metal contamination)

Sizes of Grinding sets

50 / 100 / 250 ml

Grinding time setting

00:01 to 99:59 (Min/Sec) (Digital)

Memory Storage

10 SOP's with parameters with program sequences.

Overload Protection

Efficient and Maintenance free Drive guarantees to maintain constant speed in continuous operation for long time operation or under maximum overload






≤ 80 dB

Rated Power

1.5 KW

Power Supply

220/240 V; 50 Hz (Single Phase)

Instrument size(W*D*H)


Package size(W*D*H)



277 Kg