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Lumos II

Lumos II - Automated FTIR Microscope

We believe that it is high time to make advanced techniques available to every user, regardless of their skill level. The benefits of FT-IR imaging and microscopy are too great to restrict access by cumbersome hard- and software.

From the start the LUMOS II was meant to make FT-IR imaging faster, easier, more accurate and reliable – and even more fun. Of course, this required us to include new and improve upon proven technology.

That's why we tailored the LUMOS II, its software and user interface specifically to the user. Beginners get perfect results in no time, while experts maintain total instrument control.

More space for sample preparation. More speed for chemical imaging. More perfomance in ATR, transmission and reflection microscopy. This is what we call a true game changer - no discussion.

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Standard Features of LUMOS II
  • Standard TE-MCT detector
  • Plug & Play: no liquid nitrogen, no dry-air purge
  • Optional FPA-imaging detector
  • Novel PermaSure+ calibration technology
  • Fully motorized and automated hardware
  • Accomodates samples of up to 40 mm in height
  • Long lifetime of components including laser
  • Inert to high humidity (ZnSe Optics)
  • Stand-alone design, small footprint
  • Low power consumption
Bruker- FT-IR Spectrometer