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Gel documentation system are used to record and measure labeled nucleic acid and protein.

Gel documentation System - Uvisave Q9

Gel documentation, or gel imaging systems are used to record and measure labeled nucleic acid and protein in various types of media such as agarose, acrylamide or cellulose. Systems come in a variety of configurations depending on throughput and sample type. Also able to perform fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications for samples undergoing Western Blot (Chemi Doc).

Stand-alone gel documentation system with lift-off hood .Equipped with an easy-to-handle lift-off hood, the Uvisave Q9 is a simple gel documentation system, yet boasting a true scientific-grade 16-bit camera offering a massive 3MP native resolution and 65,535 grey levels. Images are visualized on a giant 12.2” HD touch-screen and can easily be transferred over to a computer for further editing and analysis.

Thus, the industries we serve are as versatile and diverse as the products Biology Research and Teaching Labs,Any Medical Research Lab,Specialized Diagnostic Labs (Which do Genome Level Testing).

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Standard Features of Gel Documentation System
  • Giant 12.2” HD touch-screen.
  • True scientific 16-bit sensor.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 65,535 shades of gray.
  • Lift-off camera hood.
  • Easy USB image transfer.
  • Fits any transilluminator.
  • No learning curve.
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